Material Control System

Materials are the first line of defence to ensure silicone wire seals quality. First, we do 100% inspection of all materials. Second, all materials must be eco-friendly and comply with the requirements for incoming inspections before entering the factory warehouse. This process also includes storage, identification and maintenance of materials provided by suppliers. In addition, we strictly control the purchase of materials to ensure the freshness of all silicone rubber products.

Tightened Inspection System

In order to standardize the production process, Min to Max has an independent laboratory and has established strict quality inspection procedures to ensure the stability of products quality. From tensile strength, density and hardness testing to hot-melt testing, from high magnification burr detection,infrared detection to waterproof testing, and finally to batch inspection of products, strict control of every detailed to ensure the products’ quality.

Work Manager System

Min to Max engineers of products to center, from materials, inspection, packaging to delivery, to improve the functions of various departments. Strictly control every production process. We will provide our customers with the best quality products and services in the shortest possible time. We will not be satisfied with mediocrity, We are prepared to accept the most stringent supervision from our customers.

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