Our engineering team is comprised of 10 fully trained staff members, committed to the creation of new and innovative products with the experience of over 10 years. Their proficiency in material, mold, products development and analysis avail us to fulfill our customers' specific and specialized OEM&ODM requirements.

Materials Development

A.Supreme materials development ensures our precision manufacturing . Our resourceful in-house capabilities and extensive experience guarantees these procedures are carried out by experts. Their rich experience in creating material meeting required performance characteristics and specifications: corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and elongation, compression permanent deformation, ozone resistance and UV resistance, flame retardant, insulation, high/low temperature, dynamic and static seal technical requirements.
B.Variety of verified material formula: Polychloroprene (CR), Polyisoprene (IR), EPDM, Nitrile (NBR), HNBR, Butyl (IIR), Natural rubber (NR) Polysiloxanes (Silicone), SBR ,FPM and etc.

Mold Development

Min to Max has a engineering team of proficient engineers and technicians who use the latest software and Tai wan machining technologies to design and produce high-precision molds for different types of products. The shortest lead time of tooling a mould only takes 2weeks.
Currently, most of our molding experience is for high consistency rubber, and there’re over 1,000 pieces of moldings enabled our operation of daily mass production run.

Product Engineering

If you need any requirement with product design and mold development, our experienced engineering team is stand by to support you throughout the development process.
The preferred choice of computer-aided modeling software is Mastercam, which is one of the first to introduce CAD/CAM software designed for both machinists and engineers. This state-of-the-art software programs enhanced their capabilities and also time-saving.

Customized Testing & Analysis

Throughout over 15 years of experience in this industry, our engineers realize customers’ demand and are capable to make recommendation and carry out the appropriate analysis or tests for each component. Our test lab capabilities include, material Testing such as rubber physical property test, mechanical testing, environmental testing, customer-specific testing and etc.

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