Blind Block For Trip Design Of Wiring Harness Single Wire Seal

Mar. 29, 2019


Abstract: normally, the blind plugging of airtight automotive Wiring Harness Single Wire Seal connectors is fixed in the sheath by the friction generated by the interference of the sheath and the blind plugging. When the pressure on the blind block is greater than the friction force due to the change of ambient temperature and other conditions in use, or when the additional force due to the rotation of wire harness production and vibration in automobile use is greater than the friction force, the blind block can be detached from the sheath. After the blind plug is removed from the sheath, the hermetically sealed connector will not perform as well as it should. Based on the analysis of the blind plug of the airtight vehicle electrical wire harness connector, two solutions are proposed.

                                                       Wiring Harness Single Wire Seal

Automotive wire harness connectors can be classified into sealed and unsealed connectors according to their sealing performance. Sealed type splices are generally used in the engine room and other parts that are easy to flood, while non-sealed type splices are generally used in the cab and other parts that are not easy to flood. It can be known from the use environment of sealed connector that its waterproof effect will directly affect the quality of the connector, and then affect the circuit conduction effect of the car. Therefore, the waterproof effect of sealed connector is an important index to measure the performance of sealed connector.

Silicone Single Wire Seal Manufacturer analyzes the sealing situation of airtight electrical wire harness connector for vehicle, and puts forward two solutions to the problems that are easy to appear in the use.

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