The Role Of The Seal On The Car Harness

Mar. 22, 2019


The durability and reliability of automotive parts are increasingly valued. As a protective material, rubber parts are widely used in automobiles. The importance of the Single Wire Seal is self-evident, especially for harness protection of the engine compartment and the lower chassis of the car. Because usually the two places are in a harsh environment with a high probability.

There are two main ways for the electronic components such as connectors to enter the water. The first is that the external liquid penetrates into the interior by the gravity of the earth's core, such as the connector without the seal ring, or the moisture enters from the internal connection point of the wire harness; "The word, because the general electrical appliance has a certain temperature during work, the internal air forms a certain pressure. When the work stops, the temperature drops and the internal pressure is also small. At this time, the air pressure difference will be formed. If the connector is poorly sealed, the water vapor will be smooth. The gap between the strands of copper wire enters the inside, causing the function to fail; therefore, the connectors in the wet zone generally require the addition of a seal ring (mat)

For the sealing test of the connector, the general Single Wire Seal Factory is integrated in the electronic test bench. The test module of the corresponding connector will have its own sealing test, and it is also given a rated pressure value, while testing its continuity. Test sealing performance.

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