Production process of automobile wiring harness

Aug. 23, 2019


Production process of automobile wiring harness is briefly introduced by Automobile Wire Seal Manufacturer.

When cars no longer appear in people's vision as luxury goods, car sales begin to rise rapidly, and the market of automobile wiring harnesses gradually expands. More and more wiring harnesses processing manufacturers pay attention to the processing and production process of automobile wiring harnesses, and improve and mature the processing and production technology of automobile wiring harnesses. The standard and reliability of automobile wiring harness directly affect the service life and safety performance of automobile. Automobile wire harness processing production is generally by wire, contact terminal (connector) and sheath and other parts processing combination, here oushida automobile harness factory for you to introduce the automobile wire harness processing production process and technology.

Crimping process: the crimping of automobile wiring harness at the terminals shall be carried out in strict accordance with the operating instructions. Some wiring harnesses will be covered with waterproof plug and then crimping, and some need to be covered with protective cover and then crimping after returning from the pre-installed station. These stations need random inspection and supervision at any time, automobile wiring harness process general wiring harness production process is more strict, strict quality requirements is the basis of the enterprise for a long time.

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Cutting line technology: the complete step should be that the storekeeper issues the materials according to the material requester and leads the production department to cut the corrugated pipe, PVC pipe and fiberglass pipe. The cut section should be complete, but this cutting process can also be called to the supplier. Third, cut and strip the car wire, the opening requirements and length should not have any deviation, the length is generally set in the display panel, the opening personnel need to monitor at any time, the length, cutting line incision, stripping length to check. The opening process directly affects the subsequent production process of automobile wiring harness and relates to the whole progress.

Preassembly process: the delivery date and quality assurance of automobile wiring harness Automotive connector Seal processing largely depend on the setting of preassembly station. The rationality of preassembly process directly affects the efficiency of wiring harness assembly and reflects the professional technology of r&d personnel. It requires engineers to summarize and optimize the pre-installation position of automobile wiring harness on site at any time. Many automobile wiring harness manufacturers have also made many attempts to optimize and make progress in assembly. Avoid excessive workload at a certain station and small workload at other stations, or the person in charge should constantly summarize experience on the site.

Final assembly process: according to the assembly board designed by r&d department, design tooling equipment, imported electronic components, material box specifications and sizes, and paste all assembly jackets and nearby Numbers on material box to improve assembly efficiency. The assembly content and requirements should be set for each tooling position to prevent the excessive workload of each station from affecting the progress of the entire assembly line.

Automobile wiring harness processing directly affects the use and safety of automobiles, automobile manufacturers should pay attention to the selection of automobile wiring harness factories, and have a certain understanding of automobile wiring harness processing and production.

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