Vehicle instrument main beam installation process

Sep. 11, 2019


Vehicle instrument main beam installation process shared by Single Wire Seal Manufacturer.

1. In general, fix the main beam on the front instrument beam with plastic tie belt. If the tie strap cannot be fixed, the instrument wire card or body wire card must be used to fix it (use hand electric drill to punch holes on the front instrument beam to fix the body wire card or instrument wire card on the beam to fix the wiring harness).

2. Protect sharp parts such as instrument stand.

3. Gaps should be left between the wiring harness of automobile instrument and the moving parts to avoid interference and friction with the moving parts (such as the two scraper transmission rods, accelerator control parts, clutch control parts and brake control parts).

4. When the wire harness is connected with the electrical appliance, the wire harness should have a certain margin.

5. Both ends of the connector shall have fixed points.

6. Connect the connector correctly according to the color and line number.

7. The wiper water pipes are arranged under the front windshield and fixed with glue plated wire clips.

8. Hole through hole of wiring harness body floor under instrument platform, protect with silicone Sealed Plug and seal with black sika rubber.

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Main process parameters of main beam installation of automobile instrument:

1. Fixed spacing shall not be greater than 20mm.

2. No force can be exerted at the joint, and the activity margin is (30~50)mm

3. Fixed points shall be provided at both ends (30~50)mm.

4. Sag is less than 20mm.

5. Under special circumstances, if the rubber apron is cut, the opening clearance is less than 5mm.

6. Before the installation of the electrical box, the surface of the electrical box shall be protected with protective cloth to prevent the relay plug-in from falling off and losing, and prevent sawdust, iron residue and other sundries from falling into the electrical box.

Automobile instrument main bundle assembly quality requirements:

1. The fixed point spacing of wire harness is appropriate. Wiring harness should be arranged neatly. At least 150mm maintenance allowance shall be reserved for the length of the wiring harness of automobile instrument. The branch wiring harness with reserved allowance shall be stacked neatly and securely bound with a binding belt.

2. When fixing wiring harness, it shall be considered that the wiring harness shall not be damaged by squeezing when installing instrument panel and other parts, and the wiring harness shall be protected from damage when operating with holes and nails. Prevent wire harness from being cut, add PE plate to protect if necessary. No interference with moving parts. Wiring harness shaking and friction are strictly prohibited.

3. After wiring harness is connected with electrical parts, a certain margin shall be set aside to facilitate the removal and maintenance of electrical parts. The margin of wiring harness shall meet the following conditions: after the instrument panel is taken out of electrical parts, about 100mm wiring harness shall be exposed.

4. If the connector of instrument wiring harness sealed by Connector Cavity Plug is damaged, it must be replaced. It is strictly prohibited to cover up and cause potential quality problems. Docking inserts require connection.

5. Reliable, correct wiring, and put it near the access port convenient for maintenance personnel. It is not allowed to flaten the water pipe to affect the normal work of the scrubber, and the pipe should not cross the matsushita pendant.

6. The size of the apron should match the aperture; Evenly glue coating, tight sealing, no leakage, incomplete glue phenomenon, and in the cabin through the hole on both sides of the glue scrape evenly. Protect the electrical box of the vehicle in the process of production, avoid sawdust, iron residue and other debris falling into the electrical box.

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