Common material for automotive harness seals

Aug. 31, 2019


Common materials for automotive wiring harness seals

The car wiring harness is known as the "vessel" of a car and is generally considered to be the central nervous system of a car, which connects the on-board computer with various related functions on the vehicle. Whether the manufacturing technology of automotive wiring harness is advanced is an important aspect that affects the performance of automobiles.

Those who are engaged in auto wire seal processing know that the wiring harness of the automobile is generally made of a seal (also called a rubber piece) for the purpose of wearing, waterproofing, sealing, etc. The design of the automobile wire harness seal is for the overall performance of the automobile wire harness. The impact is very large, and there are many difficulties in the design. It is mainly distributed in the following parts: the interface between the engine and the cab, the interface between the front compartment and the cab (two in the left and right), the four-door (or the back door) and the compartment interface. , the entrance to the fuel tank. There are three common materials for automotive wire harness seals:

One, neoprene. Its characteristics are good resistance to ozone, heat aging, oil resistance, etc., and it is flame retardant and self-extinguishing; but its low temperature resistance is not good.

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Second, natural rubber. The characteristics of the wire harness material are good elasticity and mechanical strength, excellent flex resistance, high tear strength and good cold resistance. Disadvantages: The aging resistance is not good, it is not resistant to oil and ozone, and it is flammable.

Third, silicone rubber. Heat resistance, cold resistance and weather resistance of the Silicone Wire Seal are good; the disadvantage is that it is not resistant to oil. The characteristics of EPDM: weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc., and high strength and high expansion ratio; Disadvantages: poor adhesion, and no natural elasticity Good rubber and poor oil resistance.

Four, EPDM. It is also the most important common material for automobile wire seal. Many automotive wire harness seals use it, which has good comprehensive performance and strong adaptability.

At present, the automobile system is getting bigger and bigger, and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. Many automobile companies are increasing the technology content to reduce costs and maintain their competitive advantage and market share. However, safety is always the starting point of all R&D work. When designing a R&D team, it must still follow certain design principles in order to maintain its competitive advantage while maintaining quality and quantity.

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