Seal design precautions(Automotive connector Seal)

May. 09, 2019


Seal design precautions shared by Automotive connector Seal Supplier China.

1. Please read the instructions of each series of products before designing the groove, and make clear that the overall groove or split groove is used for this product; In the process of installing seals, avoid sharp edges, and install seals into the whole slot with the help of installation tools. The designer should consider the parameters of groove size precision, surface roughness, extrusion clearance, etc. Please refer to the product instructions, drawings and size table for details.

2, before the installation of seals must ensure that there are no impurities and cracks in the sealing groove, the seal groove and the surface of the seal coated with operation oil; Gradually install seals in sequence; Avoid sharp edges and centralize seals during installation to avoid distortion and deflection; If the split groove, finally tight pressure cover.

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