Causes Of Tempering Of A Car Engine

Mar. 26, 2019


1, the mixture is too thin:

The cause of the tempering and firing of the automobile engine may be the failure of the oil circuit or the intake system: the oil circuit failure is mainly caused by the fuel injection of the injector is too small. The main cause of the fuel injection of the injector is: oil pressure Low; the injector is clogged. The failure of the intake system is mainly caused by the excessive intake air volume. The main reason for the excessive intake air is that the sensor that controls the intake air is invalid; the intake manifold leaks.

2. There is a problem with the ignition system:

Automobile engine tempering and firing failure is mainly due to insufficient ignition energy (high voltage line resistance is too large; ignition coil is damaged; power supply voltage is not enough) or spark plug failure.

3. The ignition advance angle is too large:

The main causes of tempering and firing of automobile engines are: CKP gap is not suitable; CKP is loose; temperature sensor is damaged; engine load; ECU is damaged.

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