Common sealing material for automobile harness connector

Jun. 29, 2019


Common sealing material for automobile harness connector

The wiring harness, known as the "blood vessel" of a car, is often considered the central nervous system of a car, which connects the on-board computer with various related functions of the car. Whether the manufacturing technology of automobile wiring harness is advanced or not is an important aspect that affects automobile performance.

Engaged in wire processing knows that, when the car wiring harness via commonly used Wiring Harness Single Wire Seal (also called rubber parts) for transition, with wear-resistant, waterproof, sealing effect, the design of automotive wiring harness seals for the automotive wiring harness the overall performance of the great influence and the design also exist many difficulties, mainly in the following parts: the engine with the cab interface, front and cabin outlet about (2), four doors (or the back door) with the car outlet and inlet tank. Automobile wiring harness seals commonly used materials, generally there are three:

One, neoprene. Its characteristics are ozone resistance, heat aging resistance, oil resistance, etc. But low temperature resistance is not good.

Two, natural rubber. This wire harness material is characterized by good elasticity and mechanical strength, excellent flexural resistance, high tear strength and good cold resistance. Disadvantages: aging resistance not good, not resistant to oil and ozone, flammable.

Three, silicon rubber. Good heat resistance, cold resistance and weather resistance; Disadvantage is oil resistance. Epdm characteristics: weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other properties are good, and has high strength and high expansion rate; Disadvantages: poor adhesion, and good elasticity than natural rubber, poor oil resistance.

Four, three third. It is also one of the most important common materials of Automotive connector Single Wire Seal. Many automobile wiring harness seals are made of it. It has good comprehensive performance and strong adaptability.

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