Custom Designed RF Explorer Protection Boot (Red) Compatible With RF Explorer Holder

Product Details:


ID NO: N012


Seal Type:RF Explorer Protection Boot

Product Description

The RF Explorer protection boot is a custom designed, high quality flexible silicone rubber shield to save your device from scratches, dings, or other nicks caused by dropping and other mishaps. 

The material is strong enough to withstand this type of damage while retaining its flexibility and soft, silky exterior.



1.High quality silicone rubber, protect RF Explorer from scratches

2.Easy to assemble/disassemble in/off the device

3.Custom designed for RF Explorer, all input ports and holes accessible

4.Robust bottom design, allow RF Explorer to stand vertical

5.Compatible with RF Explorer Holder

6.Size: 122x78x30mm

7.Weight: 62 grams

8.Available in different colors

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