[Single Wire Seal for sale China]Several common USES of metal rubber seals

May. 13, 2019


Several common USES of metal rubber seals

Single Wire Seal Manufacturer shares that rubber sealing ring is an annular cover composed of one or several parts, which is fixed on one ring or washer of the bearing and contacts with another ring or washer or forms a narrow labyrinth gap to prevent oil leakage and invasion of external objects. Metal rubber sealing ring is material for the metal rubber, it is a homogeneous elastic porous material, which not only have the rubber elasticity, but also has excellent characteristics of metal, can work - 150 ~ 800 ℃ temperature. At the same time, can also pressure, in a certain range with the pressure and sealing of the dual role. Its main USES include the following:

1. Fiberglass pipe; FRP sand pipe; Glass reinforced plastic pipe jacking; Cable protection pipe; Flue gas desulfurization pipe; Coal mine gas drainage pipe; Desulfurization and dust removal pipe of power plant;

2. Municipal water supply and drainage pipeline sealing;

3. Sealing of various process pipelines (petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, sewage, seawater desalination, food brewing and beverage processing, medicine, etc.);

4. Seal the sewage collection and conveying pipeline and the middle water pipeline;

Single Wire Seal Manufacturer

5. Sealed main pipes and distribution pipes of drinking water;

6. Sealing of oilfield water injection pipe;

7. Seal the hot water delivery pipe and the hot spring water delivery pipe.

This is the common several USES of metal rubber seal ring, specific in detail, but also according to the actual situation, in addition to metal rubber seal ring, we have many types of seal ring, seal, welcome to contact us.

That's all for the sharing,and if you have any demand for our products,welcome to purchase our Single Wire Seal For Sale China.

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