Problems and solutions in the processing of automobile wiring harness

Jul. 06, 2019


Problems and solutions in the processing of automobile wiring harness

People who work in the Connector Cavity Plug Factory often encounter some problems in the processing of automobile wiring harness. The following is a summary of these problems and the corresponding solutions for your reference. Forming lines are more complex and problematic than electronic wires. Therefore, we will focus on the problems in the whole process of forming line and propose solutions one by one.

1. Cutting line: the shrinkage of core wire is mainly caused by the improper adhesion between core wire and outer cover due to the imperfect drawing process of wire manufacturers. Temporary solutions are better than scissors. The root cause also lies in finding suppliers to solve adhesion problems.

2. Welding: there are a variety of abnormal welding, welding and fake welding are welding technical problems, because it will lead to poor electrical performance, more harm! The main thing is to train employees regularly.

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3. Molding: molding is the debugging of equipment, which mainly depends on the technical level of technicians. Training technicians need to be trained. The complex forming line is mainly the design and development technology of the mould.

4. Stripping: copper wire broken wire problem is mainly due to two reasons. One is that the incoming wire is eccentric, so the supplier must fix it. There is also a choice of blades, including v-shaped or u-shaped blades and the outside diameter of the blades.

5. Validity: dislocation does not progress. Work instructions, preventive fixtures and regular training can reduce these errors. At present, the main wire tester is a comprehensive test.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply automotive wire harness seals for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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